Franchise Areas

Below you will find a list of franchise areas that are registered and trading:

Registered name at Companies HouseCompany NameRegistered VAT Number
Hanley EICR Ltd12961452361 2592 06
Stoke EICR Ltd129614573612387 07
Longton EICR Ltd12961471361 2546 13
Burslem EICR Ltd12961479361 2583 07
Fenton EICR Ltd12961447361 6022 27
Tunstall EICR Ltd12961472361 2611 28
Blackpool EICR Ltd12961495361 5993 70
Lytham EICR Ltd12961489361 2429 17
Stafford EICR Ltd12961463361 6041 23
Newcastle EICR Ltd12961475361 6004 29

As a franchisee if you are living in a different area than the ones shown above, we will register any new area, if you can show you are associated with that area. This can be achieved by proof of you living in that area, or if you are in some way attached to that area.

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