The Business

Property Testing Services Ltd (PTS) is the UK's only dedicated Franchise delivering Commercial and Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Reports, also known as EICRs. Mr. David John Pallas founded the company. PTS have revolutionised the industry by offering clients quality and cost-cutting services in all aspects of services which will be supplied by local Franchisee’s. Property Testing Services Ltd has a solid reputation in the industry and a proven business model.
Furthermore, the company is expanding the brand across the United Kingdom by building a national network of large, exclusive, protected franchise territories in prime locations. With the franchisees, PTS aims to become the leading supplier of EICRs and general electrical repairs, taking over as many commercial and residential sites in the UK as possible in the upcoming years. Currently, PTS has ten registered franchises in different locations to offer to potential franchisees.
The franchisees are promised potentially immense revenue because the Electrical Testing Service industry's opportunity has become one of the most thriving businesses in the UK since the change to the legislation which governs the testing of rented properties.

About one in five UK households – 4.5 million families – live in private rented accommodation, with a similar amount in social housing, according to the most recent figures.13 Apr 2020.

These are massive numbers and by April 2021 all these households will have to have an active and up to date EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) Test Certificate.

These changes basically mean every Landlord in the UK has responsibility to make sure their properties are electrically safe for tenants to live in those properties.

The changes relate to all rented properties and are so massive and involve such great numbers, that the government have had to make two development dates, thus the first change is for landlords who are offering new tenancy agreement, this came into force as of July 2020.

The next upgrade comes into force in July 2021 when all landlords have to have every property tested, this basically means every rented property in the UK will have to have an EICR test carried out, and any landlords who do not adhere to this legislation will be facing a £30.000 fine.

Property Testing Services Ltd is a premium brand that is redefining what success for EICRs means. Our corporate team is dedicated to helping our franchisees become successful, providing the framework, industry knowledge, support, and tools to thrive while also empowering owners to step into CEO roles within their own business. Through our unique business model, the franchisees will actively work towards ensuring that the highest quality of the services always meet and surpass client’s expectations.

As a Property Testing Services Ltd franchisee, they are expected to abide by our set rules and regulations and the industry. In addition to their individual skills and experience, the franchisee will also undergo training from our corporate team to handle the business. At Property Testing Services Ltd, the clients' overall best interests always come first, and values, hard work, with professionalism also guide everything the company does. Prospective franchisees should go the extra mile to ensure their clients are provided with excellent service, and they get the value for their money.

Property Testing Services Ltd understands that without a strategic plan, the franchisees' focus to acquire and retain the target market segments exponentially can experience a slow growth process and lose customers to potential competitors in various locations. To ensure that customers are acquired and retained quickly and effectively, Property Testing Services Ltd will provide a comprehensive marketing, advertising, and promotion campaign that will maximise word-of-mouth marketing for each franchise, and also use social networking websites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to promote them.

PTS also guarantee a 3 Month Google Ad words presence for any new franchisee, we can never guarantee any growth in a new business no one can, but with the above efforts we believe these areas will get you off to the best start possible.

Your Role

Once you become a franchisee and part of a franchise organisation, what are your roles and responsibilities?
Leadership and Partnership
Overall benefits
The first function you have in your new endeavour is as an investor into your business. You will need to invest financially with an initial franchising fee, but also prepare to pay any additional costs necessary to getting the business up and running such as equipment costs. Also, you will need to pay ongoing royalty fees, and likely an advertising fund fee (sometimes called a brand fund fee).
Secondly, you will need to be sure that you can invest an adequate amount of time in the business. Although the system is basically set up in franchising, you will still need to spend extra time learning how the system works. The franchisor usually offers training and continuous support, hence the ongoing royalty payments. Like anything else, once you know the ins and outs of the system, the time investment decreases somewhat.

One of the most important skills you need to possess as a franchisee is the ability to be proactive and take the initiative. You should be able to assume a leadership role easily and be willing and able to learn new skills.

Of course, you also need to be able and willing to follow system standards. You are basically assuming a partnership role with the franchisor, and by signing the franchise agreement, you agree to fulfil four major responsibilities for the success of the overall franchise system:

  • To protect the franchised brand by operating the franchise in strict compliance with system operating standards.
  • To build a strong and loyal customer base by offering only approved products and services and by providing superior customer service.
  • To ensure that all employees are professionally trained, and the franchise is properly staffed at all times.
  • To advertise and promote the franchise and its approved products and services according to the guidelines provided by the franchisor.

Therefore, you should be able to work together, share ideas, and resolve issues together. You may notice something that the franchisor was not aware of since you are much closer to the business. The franchisor would probably appreciate your bringing concerns or discrepancies to the table, especially if you offer possible solutions.

For example, you may come up with a great new idea you would like to implement at your franchised location. The franchisor should have a protocol in place whereby an agreement may be reached to pilot-test your idea in your location before the franchisor decides whether to roll it out system-wide.

With all the responsibilities that the franchisee holds, communication and organizational skills are key skills to possess as a franchisee.

You need to be certain that you understand how the entire system works and not be afraid to ask the franchisor questions. It is especially important to communicate with the franchisor anything that you notice that does not seem right to you.
You should also expect to report to the franchisor your sales and expenses regularly, and provide documentation showing that you are meeting the franchisor’s advertising requirements.

Also, you will need to be able to communicate effectively with your customers, employees, vendors, and other business contacts.
Furthermore, it can be quite beneficial to team up with other franchisees on a regular basis. It can help you run your business more smoothly if you share ideas and solutions to problems experienced by others in the same capacity.
Prepare to wear many hats in your role as a franchisee. In operating the business, you will most likely have to manage all, of the business's daily operations, including ordering supplies, meeting with customers and vendors, preparing payroll, resolving discrepancies, etc. These are just a few of your "sub-roles" depending on the type of business you are running. It is essential to be able to organize your responsibilities so that everything gets done accurately and in a timely manner.

In conclusion, if you understand your role as a franchisee and make every effort to carry it out thoroughly, you should be able to manage a successful franchise.

There are so many benefits to your EICR testing business, and we will gladly talk you through everything when we meet. In the meantime, here are a few positives about joining us.

  • A HUGE marketplace opportunity. Where we, have the Government telling Landlords they must abide by this legislation and if they do not, they open themselves up to a £30.000 fine.
  • No stock required. And we will supply all the testing equipment you need as part of your franchise package.
  • Easy customer retention and loyalty through unparalleled service, and after 5 Years the landlords must renew the test certificate, and any new property coming onto the market also needs a test certificate.
  • When properties fail the EICR Test, then you become the favoured contractor for almost all, of the remedial work that will be required to get the property through to a passed situation.

A regular, busy day could see 4 jobs completed, or you could do a couple of tests and some remedial work, which will increase your turn over substantially , and you will also attract through our contacts other electrical work such as re-wires, and general electrical repairs if you are so inclined. These numbers are achievable while remaining competitive and offering service levels beyond the capability of others. A true win-win!

Your Clients

Strategy and Implementation Strategy
Marketing strategy
Growth Plans & Strategy

The Property Testing Services Ltd franchises strategy is to consolidate our excellent customer service, provide high-quality service on-time, and have a competitive pricing structure. Aside from the marketing promotion from Property Testing Services Ltd, each franchisee will apply their long experience and knowledge to efficiently and effectively market and advertise their business.
Each franchise will launch its social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and focus on building brand awareness following through those media. The parent company's website, "," will provide easy access to information about the services and be utilized as a part of a massive marketing push from the franchises. To successfully grow the franchise business, the above will implement.

In place of this, there will be a plan to incorporate feedback schemes on every service rendered. This is needed to keep the team abreast of grey areas and suggests critical measures to address identified issues. This effort is expected to command customer loyalty and word of mouth advantage in the market.

One of the critical factors of succeeding in business is to have a well-planned marketing plan. Having marketing activities creates a strong asset for the franchises, which will generate awareness and differentiate it from competitors in their locations. The purpose of these marketing activities is to spread information about the business services within their territories.

The volume of people the franchises attract will dramatically increase the revenue streams available to the business. Each franchise will approach and follow up with all the prospective customers with clear and thorough marketing strategies. Although, they will ensure that the service speaks for the business in the target territory. The franchises will leverage on the Property Testing Services Ltd brand existing marketing campaigns to ensure high visibility for the businesses in the target audience. Property Testing Services Ltd Franchises will market itself every day through a carefully conceived local marketing strategy that will include at least the following strategies:

Social Media

Social media will play a significant role in establishing Property Testing Services Ltd Franchises. A solid online presence represents an inexpensive promotional and informational strategy. The franchisees will operate various social media platforms and have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Instagram. Real-time updates on these sites will also keep customers in the loop regarding service promotion and deals.

The social media channels will also allow members to receive special benefits, encouraging an "insider" feel with loyal clients. Social media sites also offer customers' a platform to communicate their thoughts and opinions by posting likes, dislikes, and ideas, which can be answered directly by each franchisee.

Loyalty Programs

The franchises will offer loyalty programs to customers for their nth service usage, a coupon, or a reward for a certain number of service usage. The franchisees will ensure that clients use their services again and again.

Sign Boards

Signage is simply the best, most effective form of advertising. Signs attract new customers and alert them to the existence of the company. The franchises will place an attractive signboard outside to make its appeal to passers-by.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful way to spread our service message and create an enhanced brand. Hence, the franchises will focus on obtaining customer confidence.

Public Relations

The franchises will reach out to local publication editors, local news affiliates, high-traffic websites, and blogs to create a "buzz" about their service.

The franchisees will employ these four basic growth strategies to expand the franchises: 
Market penetration

The Property Testing Services Ltd Franchises will attempt to increase market share by showcasing their exceptional services and carry out this strategy by increasing marketing efforts to lure clients away from competitors.

Service Development

The Property Testing Services Ltd Franchises will continue to improve their service offerings and surprise patrons with new and innovative ways to deliver their service based on trend research.

Market Development

The Property Testing Services Ltd Franchises will introduce its service offerings to new markets such as in another none franchised area.


The Property Testing Services Ltd Franchisee will develop new service offerings for a completely new market.

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